How to Split Screen on Google Pixel 6 Easily


People use split screen on Google Pixel 6 to access two apps at the same time. Google Pixel 6 offers you some best features to help people easily do all tasks. This Android phone is supported with an advanced processor and the best camera hardware. One of the best features that you can find on the Pixel 6 is the split-screen multitasking feature. When you activate this feature, you will be able to enjoy Youtube videos, watch movies, chat on social media, and do other things at the same time. You who like to use the split-screen feature, you can find information here.

Step by step to use split screen on Google Pixel 6

You can save more time when you activate this feature. This feature is easy to use by doing some steps below:


  • Swipe up from the bottom of your phone and then hold. This step is important to view apps in your Pixels.
  • Press on the App icon at the head.
  • Search the split-screen feature and then tap it. See this app set as the upper half on your phone. Use apps side by side on one screen directly.
  • You need to choose the next app that you want to access. You can choose the app from the recent app lists, or you can choose from the app drawer.
  • Your two apps are open directly on your Pixel 6.

How to Adjust Size

After you finish with some steps on using the split-screen on Google Pixel 6 above, you can continue to adjust the size on the split-screen Google Pixel 6. How to adjust the size easily?

  • You need to tap and hold the horizontal line that you can find in the middle of your device’s screen.
  • You need to drag it up or you can drag it down to adjust the size of your window that you like to access on your Google Pixel 6.

It will make it easy to see and do all things on your device with the proper size that you want.

How to stop using split screen feature

After you know how to activate your split-screen feature and how to adjust the size of the window on your Google Pixel 6, you need to learn how to stop using this feature too. To exit from this feature you can do it in a simple way.

  • You need to press the horizontal line for a long time.
  • You can start to drag it to the top or to the bottom of the page to exit or close it.

So many people love to use Google Pixel 6 because of some reason. The Pixel 6 is made with a bold design and updated camera hardware. This Pixel 6 offers you the best feature compared with some other Android Phones. You can compare it with some other Android phone and you will fall in love with this device. Now, you have already known how to split screen on Google Pixel 6 in a very easy way.

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