How to Show Battery Percentage on Google Pixel 6

How to show battery percentage on Google Pixel 6? Google Pixel is the flagship of smartphone products from the giant technology company, Google. It presents many great features and innovations, making it one of the most recommended brands for smartphones nowadays.

Managing and operating the product is also quite easy. Yes, Google tries its best to make its smartphone products accessible and friendly for everyone. However, it doesn’t mean that operating Google Pixel is without a problem. Even many users still find it confusing to show battery percentage, particularly on Pixel 6. So, are you one of those confused users?

Steps to Show Battery Percentage on Google Pixel 6

To show up the battery percentage on Google Pixel 6, it is only through some easy steps. Here they are.

show battery percentage on google pixel 6

  1. Start your smartphone. Automatically, you will enter the Home service of Google Pixel.
  2. From many default apps of the smartphone, choose and tap Setting.
  3. In the Setting menu, there are many submenus available. Choose and tap Battery.

show battery percentage on google pixel 6

  1. After entering the Battery submenu, you can turn on the battery percentage.
  2. Go back to Home and you can see that the battery percentage has been shown on the upper part of the screen.

Why should you show the battery percentage of the smartphone

Our smartphones are mostly powered by rechargeable battery. This is how the gadget can be mobile and flexible as you can carry it anywhere you want. Sure, when the battery has been low or used up, you should recharge it immediately by connecting it to the electric socket through a battery charger.

In the default condition, your smartphones, including Google Pixel 6, must have presented the battery percentage. It is commonly located on the upper left of the smartphone screen. Of course, to ease you more in seeing the battery condition, you can also place the battery widget on the main screen. On Pixel 6, how to show the battery percentage is explained in the previous point.

There are indeed some benefits to get by showing up the battery percentage. The first and the main benefit is to ease you in seeing the battery’s condition. Moreover, it is if the battery is almost empty so that you can power it up as soon as possible.

Second, it is also an indicator of whether the battery has still been in a good condition or not. Mainly in an old smartphone, the battery may no longer work well. It can be easily used up although you only use your smartphone for a few hours. If you think your smartphone has such a condition, you can bring it to the service center or replace the battery with the new one.


A battery is one of the most important elements in a gadget like a smartphone. When it has a problem, it means you may no longer use your smartphone well. That’s why, to always check the battery’s condition, it is better to show the battery icon on the smartphone screen. Even to show battery percentage on Pixel 6 is very easy. You should try it.

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