How to Send Group Message on Google Pixel 6

How to send group message on Google Pixel 6? Google Pixel 6 is one of the most demanded series of smartphones nowadays. It competes well with some other popular brands from Apple, Samsung, and more. But of course, since the brand is relatively new, even many users still find it a little bit difficult to operate the product. Some features are available there and they cannot use them without learning about them first.

One of the activities you can do on Google Pixel is sending group messages. Sending a group message means you can send one message to more than one phone number in your contact. Since sending it one by one may waste time, you can utilize this feature to send messages to multiply more effectively.

Steps to Send Group Message on Google Pixel 6

If you are still wondering how to send a group message on Google Pixel 6, don’t worry. The steps are easy as you can learn about them as follows.

First of all, make sure you have started your smartphone. Check also the network if it has been in a good condition.


  1. From the Home Screen, go and tap the Messages menu.
  2. Take a look at the upper area of your smartphone screen. There is the + icon. Tap it. Or, you can also choose the option Start Chat to create a new chat.
  3. Some options appear and choose Create Group. Automatically, the screen shows contacts on the smartphone. Choose some of them as the recipients of the message.


  1. Type down the message on the bar displayed.
  2. Tap Send. Your message is sent to the recipients included in the group you have made before.

Functions and Benefits of Group Message on Google Pixel 6

Indeed, in this internet era, only a few people still use Messages to communicate. Most smartphone users tend to use chat apps since they are considered faster and real-time.

But of course, it doesn’t mean that the message menu in your smartphone is completely useless. It is even a great savior when the internet connection is down or bad. You can still send messages via the menu. In addition, it is also a solution to send a long message with many characters.

Google knows it well so the company tries its best to improve the performance of the message menu in their smartphone products. Aside from enabling it to send more complex messages, it also provides many features including the group message.

Group message itself is not a new feature. But on Google Pixel 6, it feels more interesting to use. There are also some benefits and functions to get by utilizing the feature. One of them is that you don’t need to send a message one by one to your contact. Only with a simple setting, in the beginning, the message automatically sends to all recipients you want.


The group message feature is a solution to send a message to multiple recipients at once. In Google Pixel 6, you can set it up easily and practically. So, are you interested in using the feature to send group message on Google Pixel 6?

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