How to Scrolling Screenshot Pixel 6 in Simple Methods

How to scrolling screenshot Google Pixel 6 without difficulties? You who want to capture a long screenshot on your Google Pixel 6 series can do simple methods. A screenshot is defined as a single picture on a smartphone, tablet screen, or computer. The screenshot is important because you can save all things without the need to open or access the sources again. You can save the image file on the gallery of your Google Pixel 6. You need to go to the Gallery and then see all the screenshots there. For all of you who are confused about doing screenshots on your Pixel 6, you can get guidance here.

Scrolling Screenshot on Pixel 6 by Using Power and Volume Key

The first way that you can screenshot your page is by using the power and volume down key. You need to do simple steps here.


  1. To open the screen on your Google Pixel 6
  2. Tap the long press in the power key and volume down button at the same time.


Scrolling a Screenshot by Using Google Assistant

The second way that you can capture a screenshot on your Pixel 6 is by using Google assistant.


  1. Install the Assistant app for Google Pixel 6 first
  2. To open a page on your Google Pixel 6. You need to set up voice first on your Google Assistant.
  3. You can say “Hello Google” or “OK Google” and then take a screenshot automatically
  4. Directly share, edit or delete screenshots and repeat them when you want to capture other things.

How to do Multiple Screenshots on Pixel 6

Doing multiple screenshots is possible too. You only need to use your Google Pixel 6 in a very easy way. For all of you who want to do scroll screenshots on Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro and get multiple screenshots, you can do some steps here.

  1. Open the page on your Google Pixel 6 that you want to capture
  2. To press and then hold the power button and also the volume down button to capture the page
  3. Tap capture more at the bottom side of your screen
  4. To select the screen that you want to capture and then tap on Save
  5. You can go to Gallery and then see long screenshots on your Google Pixel 6

Screenshots are described as the most important thing that you can do on the internet or your devices. Screenshot becomes valuable because you can share all things with other people. It is one effective way to share all things in fast time. Your friend will directly know about the picture or other things. The screenshot is related to a proof of bank transfer too. It is usually needed when you do the online transaction, and you need to give proof to other people. It helps you to show when and how much money you transfer to other people. If you still feel confused with some steps above, you can search for some videos tutorial on how to scrolling screenshot Google Pixel 6 now.

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