How to Schedule Text Message on Google Pixel 6

schedule text message on google pixel 6

Why do you need to schedule text message on Google Pixel 6? Why do not you just compose and send the message later? If you have a brilliant memory, you might not need to schedule a text message. Nevertheless, many people can simply forget to send the message if they do not compose and schedule it right away.

You might want to send a text message in the middle of the night, but you do not want to disturb the receiver. In this circumstance, you can compose your message and use the schedule send feature from Google.

Step by step to schedule text message on Google Pixel 6

The very first thing you need to do is to swipe up the Home screen to display all apps on your Google Pixel 6 smartphone. Of course, you need to open Google Messages to open the app. What if you cannot find this app? You just need to make sure to set Google Messages app as the default app.

To schedule a message, you need to choose a contact that you will send the message to. You can start a new conversation and type the message. However, you can also enter the existing one. Yes, you can type the message as usual.


You need to tap and hold the send button, instead to activate the feature to schedule text message on Google Pixel 6.

You will be able to find some pre-determined times you can choose to send your message. Nevertheless, you can also feel free to set up your own schedule to send the message. This choice will provide you a calendar along with a time picker to determine your own schedule.

After adjusting the suitable date and time to schedule the message, you can finish the process by simply hitting Save.

How do you know that the message in your phone Google pixel 6? You will find the scheduled time above the message completed with a clock on the send button.

Things to know

If you want to make sure that the scheduled message can go out properly, your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. It will be meaningless to schedule text message on Google Pixel 6 if there is no internet connection the message will not be possible to send.

Nowadays, you might be using some types of texts on your Google Pixel 6 Smartphone. Many other people may be familiar with Chat messages, although they are rarely used, it does not mean that SMS and MMS are not used at all. That is why you might have a big question about whether you can schedule all different text types or not by following the steps. No matter what kind of text type you use on your smartphone, this feature should be able to work properly.

The schedule sends feature by Google can work in the Message app on a smartphone with at least the Android 7 operating system. Of course, you can schedule text messages on Google Pixel 6 because Pixel 6 is supported by the Android 12 platform.

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