Restricting the Google Pixel 6 Background Data

Google Pixel background data restrictingGoogle Pixel background data restricting

One of the joys of having the Google Pixel background data restricting is the ability to access the internet with ease. However, depending on your mobile data usage, you may receive a worrying amount of internet bills by the end of the month. So, you may try to conserve your mobile data usage. One way to do that is by restricting the background data usage. So, how did you do it? Is there a way to restricting background data on Google Pixel 6?

Restricting the Google Pixel 6 background data

In your Google Pixel 6, there are two types of mobile data usage, the foreground, and the background. Foreground data usage happens every time you actively use internet-connected apps on your phone. Meanwhile, background data usage happens even when you’re not actively using the apps.

google pixel background data restricting

Certain apps use background data  to provide constant information updates by syncing them to the internet. Background data may also be used to automatically update certain apps on your Pixel phone. Despite the advantages, background data will cost you a lot of money, especially if your Pixel 6 is not connected to the Wi-Fi. So, you might want to restrict some apps’ background data usage. Here are the steps to restricting background data on Google Pixel pixel background data restricting


  • From the Pixel 6’s apps screen, go to the Settings.
  • From the Settings, select the Network & Internet option. Once you do that, tap the SIMs option.
  • From there, select the App data usage option. Once you do that, you will see the graph that represents apps data usage.
  • Tap an app from the list located below the graph to see the data usage.
  • To restrict the app’s background data usage, tap the Background data switch to turn it off.
  • Review the popup messages and tap OK.

Other methods to save mobile data

Besides restrict the background data usage, you can conserve your data usage using several methods. First, if public Wi-Fis are available, switch off your mobile data and connect your phone to one of them. Second, you can limit and monitor your data usage by turning on the mobile data usage limit option. On the Pixel 6, this option is accessible via the Network & internet settings.

The third method involves turning on the data saver mode. On the Pixel 6, this option can be accessed by switching the option on via the Networks & internet setting. By turning this option on, you’ll allow most apps to get background data if your Pixel 6 is connected via Wi-Fi. But ultimately, your mobile data usage is largely based on your behavior. So, those methods are doomed to fail if you still excessively use the internet via mobile data.

So, those are the steps to restrict the background data on Google Pixel 6. Remember that, in the default settings, most apps on your Pixel 6 are able to access background data via mobile internet data. So, if you want to save your data usage, just follow the previously mentioned steps. Lastly, your mobile data consumption largely depends on your usage behavior. So mind your own data usage to be better at conserving your mobile data.


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