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How to Change Text Message Background on Google Pixel 6

change text message background on google pixel 6

Do you want to change text message background on Google Pixel 6? Sending text messages becomes an important part of people’s communication nowadays. Because you use this app very often, you might want to have fun by changing the background of your text message. Changing text message background can help you have more fun while texting. Can you do that on Google Pixel 6? Can … Read more

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Activating the Option and Taking Screen Record Google Pixel 6

screen record Google Pixel 6

Screen record Google Pixel 6 may not be the thing that everyone knows about it. Yet, it is a feature to find in many Android devices of today. It is similar to the screenshot feature. The difference is that it produces a video instead of a picture. It comes in handy for many purposes. For example, it helps when you want to create a tutorial … Read more

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How to Clear the App Cache on Google Pixel 6

clear cache on google pixel 6

Is your Google Pixel 6 work slower than usual? Are certain apps freeze every time you use them? If that’s the case, there must be something wrong with your phone software. There are several options that you can do to fix this problem. One of them is cleaning the app cache. Compared to factory reset your Pixel 6, cleaning the data cache is more favorable … Read more

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How to Change Google Pixel 6 Keyboard Theme

change pixel 6 keyboard theme

Among other activities, typing is probably one of the most frequently done activities on your smartphone. Whether for texting, browsing, or chatting, typing on your phone can be done easily with your Pixel 6 virtual keyboard. However, the most frequent activity that you do could get boring, especially if you never change your Pixel 6’s keyboard theme. So here’s how to change Google Pixel 6 … Read more

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Restricting the Google Pixel 6 Background Data

Google Pixel background data restrictingGoogle Pixel background data restricting

One of the joys of having the Google Pixel background data restricting is the ability to access the internet with ease. However, depending on your mobile data usage, you may receive a worrying amount of internet bills by the end of the month. So, you may try to conserve your mobile data usage. One way to do that is by restricting the background data usage. … Read more

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Force Stopping Misbehaving Apps on Google Pixel 6


Imagine this scenario. You’re just minding your own business while watching some YouTube videos on your new Pixel 6. After some moments, the video that you watch is noticeably out of sync. Even worse, when you try to go to the homepage, the button is not responding. So, what should you do? Luckily, this problem can be fixed by force-stopping the app. So, here are … Read more

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Resetting the App Preference on Your Google Pixel 6

resetting app on google pixel 6

Rouge app is a term used to describe a misbehaving app on a smartphone, but this Google pixel 6 has advantages such as Resetting the App Preference on Your Google Pixel 6. Despite the best effort to minimize it, rouge apps will always appear on Android smartphones, no matter how powerful the hardware is. So, it is possible that your Google Pixel 6 will run … Read more

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How to Transfer Files from Google Pixel 6 to PC


There are times when you need Google pixel 6 to transfer files like pictures, videos, or documents from your phone to your laptop or computer for a backup or other purposes. If you do not know yet how to do it, this article will tell you how to transfer pictures from Google Pixel 6 to computer. However, note that only DRM free or unprotected files … Read more

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How to Fix Slow Internet Connection on Pixel 6

One of the most frustrating things about having a smartphone is a slow internet connection. Besides limiting our access to entertainment, slow internet also cripples the ability to work with our smartphones. The problem of slow internet also occurred on Google’s latest release, the Pixel 6. This could either happen due to a slow mobile connection and no Wi-Fi reception. So, here’s how to fix … Read more

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How to Turn off Driving Mode on Google Pixel 6


Do you want to turn off driving mode on Google Pixel 6? It might be useful, but some people find it troublesome. Problem to Turn Off Driving Mode on Google Pixel 6 For many users, Google Pixel 6 works awesome. However, it will drive them crazy anytime they connect the smartphone to their cars over Bluetooth and using Google Maps. The driving mode will turn … Read more

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