How to Turn off Driving Mode on Google Pixel 6


Do you want to turn off driving mode on Google Pixel 6? It might be useful, but some people find it troublesome.

Problem to Turn Off Driving Mode on Google Pixel 6

For many users, Google Pixel 6 works awesome. However, it will drive them crazy anytime they connect the smartphone to their cars over Bluetooth and using Google Maps. The driving mode will turn on automatically. As a result, the calls and sounds become drop.

Unfortunately, they cannot find the right way to turn off driving mode on Google Pixel 6. It seems that it can only be turned off temporarily, such as when they walk away from their car after 30 seconds. The driving mode will also stop after 10 minutes of not moving. turn-off-driving-mode-on-Google-Pixel-6

Your smartphone will start driving mode right away when it is connected to your car. When it thinks that it is in a moving car, the driving mode will turn on automatically, as well. This circumstance can be pretty annoying for people who have to work on their smartphones all the time. Of course, the driving mode is made to keep you safe while driving.

Uninstall Apps

How can you turn off driving mode on Google Pixel 6? This question can be found pretty often in the forum. From the forum, some people said that you can turn off the driving mode on your smartphone by installing some apps. The driving mode is activated by a third-party app and you need to find that specific app to uninstall so the driving mode can be turned off permanently.

It can be a long process to take because you need to uninstall the apps one by one starting from the most recent one. According to some people, the driving mode can be activated automatically because of some apps such as Amazon Music or Amazon app. The automatic turn-on of driving mode might also be found when your smartphone is connected to Android Auto.

Clear Google Cache

You can also try another option to solve the driving mode problem. Google cache and find out whether it works or not. You can clear the Google cache on your smartphone by opening Settings and choosing Apps. You need to tap on Google and go to Storage. This is the place where you can clear the cache of your Google app. Some people find this method works great to turn off the driving mode.

Disable Driving Mode on Google Maps Settings

It seems that driving mode cannot be separated from Google Maps. People use Google Maps a lot when driving to navigate them. Your smartphone might enter driving mode automatically because you start navigating using Google Maps.

That is why if you want to turn off driving mode on Google Pixel 6, you need to adjust the navigation setting on your Google Map. To do this, you need to open Google Maps Settings and Navigation Settings. You will get the option to open Google Assistant settings where you can manage driving mode. Yes, you just need to turn off the driving mode settings and find your problem solved.

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