How to Simply Wipe Cache Partition on Google Pixel 6 in Two Ways

You can wipe cache partition on Google Pixel 6 by doing some simple steps. Before you start to clean your cache, you need to know more about cache. The cache is a storage area on your Google Pixel six. It can speed up your browsing activity but when it uses space on your device, it can slow down your Google Pixel 6 performance. The cache is often called a memory of your navigation. The cache will store your browsing data, the visual data of a website, the application’s data, and some other things. There are some techniques that you can do to clean the cache. You can follow the steps here.

Empty Your Cache on Google Pixel 6

To reduce your Google Pixel 6’s storage, you need to empty your cache on your Android device regularly. Here are a few solutions that you can do.


  1. Go to the Setting of your Google Pixel 6
  2. You can click Preference, warehouse, cached data, and select remove
  3. Click Parameter, warehouse, cleaner, and then click clean
  4. Empty Your Cache of App on Google Pixel 6

You can clean the cache of the app on your Android by doing some ways here.

1. For all of you who like to clean your browser cache on your Google Chrome, you can do some steps here:

  1. Go to your browser
  2. Select three small dots on the top right of your device
  3. Click on the setting of your device
  4. Click on confidential security
  5. You need to select clean browsing history
  6. Then the last thing is validating and click on clear

2. To clear cache in recovery mode you can do a tutorial:

  1.  Hold the Power and Volume button at the same time
  2. Release the volume button when you find your device’s vibrate
  3. Search Wipe Cache Partition and then click the power button
  4. Click Yes on the power button
  5. The last step is choosing the Reboot system now.

Reasons for Cleaning Cache Regularly

When you don’t clean your cache, it will make it easy to access most often the website that you visit most. It helps you to save more time because you don’t need to type the website address again. Your browser usually will empty the old files on your device. You need to clean your cache regularly because it may fill your hard drive’s space. When it makes your hard drive full, it may make the device’s performance get slower and slower. There are some other reasons why you need to clear your cache.

  1. You can encounter some issues in an easy way
  2. You need to clean your cache because of Malware. Some caches may contain malware that will make your device in a dangerous condition.
  3. You need to clean your cache because you can recover the used space on your Google Pixel 6

Following some tutorials above will make it easy to remove cache on your Google Pixel 6. You will be able to use more space on your device to do other activities in a fast time. Now, you can start to wipe cache partition on Google Pixel 6.


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