How to Set up Mobile Hotspot on Google Pixel 6

This post informs you how to set up mobile hotspot on Google Pixel 6. It allows us to get a Wi-Fi connection and start our work. Let us see the following explanation for further detail.

Steps to set up mobile hotspot on a Google Pixel 6

There is a situation where we need a mobile hotspot connection. We have to connect it to our computer or laptop. The below steps are simple to follow and only take less than 10 minutes.


  • First Step:

First, you have to check your mobile phone connectivity, whether 3G / 4G / 5G. You have to ensure they are active. So, you can start your connection on Google Pixel 6.

Unlock your Google Pixel 6 by sliding your finger from the top of the screen down. Once you succeed, the device will display the setting. Find the antenna symbol and activate it until blue.

  • Second Step

Then, go to the device settings. It is symbolized with the gear wheel icon. Find it on your home screen or phone menu. Access the main menu with your finger.

You can drag it. Start using your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

  • Third Step

Proceed with the next step. You can click the right button. Tap Networks & Internet.

Otherwise, you can tap Connections. Continue by clicking the More button. After that, you can move on to the next part.


  • Fourth Step

Continue with the next process on how to set up mobile hotspot on Google Pixel 6. In this part, you can continue to turn on your mobile hotspot. Tap the Hotspot & Tethering button on your screen.set-up-mobil-hotspot-on-Google-Pixel-6

  • Fifth Step

Here, you can start to activate your portable Wi-Fi hotspot in Google. Tap the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot button. Then, you can find the name of the Wi-Fi network.


Select security type. The most recommended is WPA2 PSK. After that, you can write the password of your selected Wi-Fi network.


Make sure you use a safe password. It helps to prevent third parties from using your network. Besides, they can not consume your data or endanger your network.

To finalize your setting, tap Save. It allows you to search, including configuring your portable Wi-Fi network. So, you can share the internet connection from Google Pixel 6 to another device.

Advantages using Mobile Hotspot

Nowadays, most phones support their setting with hotspot mode. It is beneficial for your devices. That is why you may still require this daily.

Cellular modems and hotspots have grown fast since the development of Android. This thing benefits people to get a reliable way accessing the Internet from mobile.

The use of mobile hotspots is ideal for business needs. The device is suitable especially for business travelers. People who are on the go should use mobile hotspots.

Final Touch

Some rely heavily on mobile hotspots. It is simple and easy for them to carry. Besides, they apply how to set up mobile hotspot on Google Pixel 6 at any time and any place.

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