How to Set up Corporate Email on Google Pixel 6

Understand the step by step on how to set up corporate Email on Google Pixel 6. It will make small changes on your pixel 6. Here is the following information for your reference.

Steps to set up corporate Email on Google Pixel 6

Users can manage their email applications on Android. Before starting, you need to check the setup of your Pixel 6. Ensure that you have the email address, password, and a POP or IMAP for incoming and outgoing servers.


First Step

Start with your home screen. Make sure you process while the screen is unlocked. Try to swipe up so you can view your apps.

Once you complete the above step, you can continue to the next part. Now, continue to another section as mentioned below.

Second Step

Find the Setting button and then click it. This section will lead you to the next one. Then, you have to tap Passwords & Accounts.

After you click those buttons, you can proceed to the following process. You have to tap Add Account and click this button. Here, you can add the email account that you preferred.


Then, continue by choosing one of these options. They are Exchange, Google, Personal (IMAP), or Personal (POP3). By completing this part, you can proceed to the next stage.

Third Step

This step continues how to set up corporate Email on Google Pixel 6 and lets you set up your email. Start by entering your email address. After that, you can continue with another step. Tap Next to complete the process.

After that, you must enter your password. Ensure that you have a secure password to avoid misuse of your email. Continue by clicking the Next or Sign In option.


Fourth Step

Here, you will get a pop-up notification. It asks your permission about the available regulation. Tap Agree to your email provider’s terms and conditions.

You may get a notification to sync your device. There are several options, like Never, Every 15 minutes, Every 30 minutes, or Every hour. So, you may choose one of them.


Fifth Step

You can also select to get a new mail notification. Yet, the notification may appear if required. It enables each user to sync their email for a specified account.change-the-default-screenshot-format-on-google-pixel-6

Besides, you can also get automated download attachments. However, it only appears if you connect to Wi-Fi. To finalize this part, you have to tap the Next button.

Then, you can enter your account name. Once completed, your name will be displayed on the email messages. Then, tap Next to end the process.

Deleting The Email

Users are also able to delete their accounts. To access this, they have to go to the Home screen. Then, go to Settings.

From there, they can manage the account that they want to delete. Once ready, tap Remove Account. Then, your account will be deleted.

Final Summary

The above information may be helpful for you. By learning how to set up corporate Email on Google Pixel 6, you can add or remove your email account.

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