How to Clear the App Cache on Google Pixel 6

Is your Google Pixel 6 work slower than usual? Are certain apps freeze every time you use them? If that’s the case, there must be something wrong with your phone software. There are several options that you can do to fix this problem. One of them is cleaning the app cache. Compared to factory reset your Pixel 6, cleaning the data cache is more favorable as it won’t delete your personal data. So, here are the steps to clear the cache on Google Pixel 6.

Steps to clear app Google Pixel 6 cache

The Google Pixel 6 stores temporary data in cache files to quickly recall specific information when you use an app. To illustrate this, think of when you listened to some songs on Spotify. This streaming service will download the audio data as a part of the streaming process. The Pixel 6 system will store the downloaded audio data as cached data.

clear cache on google pixel 6

As a result, when you open Spotify and listen to the same song again, the app can just recall the cached data of the songs that you’ve listened to before. In short, caches are very useful to create a fast and smooth experience when using the Pixel 6. However, caches are also the source of errors and glitches on some apps. Here’s how to clear the cache on Google Pixel 6:


  • Activate your Google Pixel 6 and access the Settings.clear cache on google pixel 6
  • From the Settings, go to the Apps’ setting.
  • Then, tap ‘See all [number] apps.’ The number depends on how many apps you have installed on your Pixel 6.
  • Select the malfunctioning app from the list.
  • Once you do that, tap ‘Storage & cache.’
  • To clear the app’s cached data, tap the Clear cache option.

Advantages of clearing cached data in Google pixel app

Clearing the phone cache is one of the most important yet overlooked processes of owning a smartphone. Whereas, cleaning the cache can be beneficial to your phone. For instance, cleaning the cached data can free up some storage space on your phone. While only serves as a temporary fix, cleaning the cache is beneficial if you’re trying to have more storage on your phone.

Other than that, old cached files can be corrupted. These corrupted data caches can be harmful if your apps are trying to access them. If you keep old cached data on your phone, your phone might run into some performance issues, such as freezing, glitching, or lagging. So, cleaning the cache is an easy fix.

Lastly, cleaning the cache can protect your personal information. Theoretically, cached data from web browser apps could contain some personal data. So, cleaning the cache could minimize the risk of your personal data getting stolen or hacked.

This information concludes the steps on how to clear cache on Google Pixel 6. Be aware that cache will always be generated every time you use apps on your phone. This isn’t something that you could stop as caches are important for Android apps to function. So, if your phone runs into some performance issue in the future, you just have to clean the cache again.


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