How to Change Google Pixel 6 Keyboard Theme

change pixel 6 keyboard theme

Among other activities, typing is probably one of the most frequently done activities on your smartphone. Whether for texting, browsing, or chatting, typing on your phone can be done easily with your Pixel 6 virtual keyboard. However, the most frequent activity that you do could get boring, especially if you never change your Pixel 6’s keyboard theme. So here’s how to change Google Pixel 6 keyboard theme.

Step to change keyboard theme on  Pixel 6

Released in December 2016, Gboard has become the default keyboard for most Android devices, including the Pixel 6. The app was released as the main update to the already-popular Google Keyboard app on Android devices. Since the initial release, several features were added to make Gboard more accessible to other Android and iOS users. Some of these updates include more language support and better AI auto-correction.

During the iOS-only release in August 2016, Gboard has already supported the dark theme. Since then, the theme-changing feature has been further developed. Now, you can change the Gboard theme into different shades of colors. On top of that, you can also import your own image from the gallery to be used as the keyboard background. So, here are the steps to change Gboard’s default theme.

change pixel 6 keyboard theme

1. Activate your Google Pixel 6 and go to the Settings.

2. From the general settings, go to the System settings and select Languages & Input.

3. From there, select Virtual Keyboard. Since the Pixel 6 uses Gboard as a default keyboard, select Gboard.

change pixel 6 keyboard theme

4. After you select Gboard, tap the Theme option.

5. Pick your favorite theme and select Apply to use it on your keyboard.

You can also change the Gboard theme without having to access the Pixel 6’s Settings. Here’s the easy way to change the Gboard’s theme:

1. Type on anything with your Gboard.

2. Press and hold the button on the left of the space bar. The button could either be a dash or a comma.

3. Once three icons are presented, select the gear icon without lifting your finger.

4. Then, you can select the Theme option and apply your desired theme.

Is the keyboard’s theme related to typing performance

According to a 2019 research by Kseniia Palin and others, it is revealed that typing performance on mobile devices is influenced by finger usage, demographics, and intelligent text entry. The research, which collected from 37,370 samples, revealed that people will type faster if they use both thumbs. Other than that, people achieve higher typing speed when they use auto-correcting AI.

It is also worth noting that most samples who were able to achieve high typing speed are mostly from the younger demographic. Therefore, it can be concluded that changing your keyboard’s theme won’t affect your typing performance. Instead, you can start using both of your thumbs and enabling the auto-correction to type faster.

So, those are the steps on how to change Google Pixel 6 keyboard theme. Changing your Pixel 6’s keyboard theme won’t affect your typing speed. But at least you could have more excitement by changing your keyboard theme. So, use those steps to find the most exciting keyboard theme for you.

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