How to Change the Default Screenshot Format on Google Pixel 6

On the Google Pixel 6, taking a screenshot can be performed using several methods. These methods include the power and volume down button combination or swiping upwards on the screen. When capturing a screen on your Pixel 6, your screenshot will be saved as a PNG file. However, you might want to store the screenshot in a more compressed format, such as JPG. So, here’s how to change the default screenshot format on Google Pixel 6.

Changing the screenshot format on Google Pixel 6

Taking a screenshot is one of the best methods to capture the entire content of a page. On the Pixel 6, taking a screenshot of the page can be done with the scrolling screenshot option. Moreover, taking a screenshot in Google Pixel 6 is very easy with the availability of several methods. Also, the captured screenshot will be saved in high-res picture quality.


On the Pixel 6, viewing the captured screenshot can be done via the Google Photos app. But, if you notice, the screenshot will be saved in the default PNG format. Unfortunately, this default format can’t be changed through the phone’s settings. However, you can take a screenshot in a different format using a third-party app called Screen Master.

  1. Download the Screen Master app via Google Play Store.
  2. Once the app’s installation is complete, open the app and go to the app’s settings.
  3. Go to the Edit section and tap on the File image format option.
  4. Now, you can select between JPG or PNG as your default screenshot format. After you select one format, go back to the Screen Master’s homepage.
  5. From the app’s homepage, tap “Turn on Screen Capture” to activate the app’s feature.
  6. Watch the brief tutorial, then you can exit the app.
  7. Once you exit the app, you can see the Screen Master floating icon on your screen.

Using the Screen Master app, you can save a screenshot in your desired image format.


Why is PNG used as the common default screenshot format?

the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) is an image format that is widely used for raster graphics and logos. Unlike JPG, PNG uses a lossless compression method. This allows a greater definition of different color depths and palettes. By comparison, PNG has a higher definition than JPG. However, the JPG image size is significantly smaller than PNG.

When taking a screenshot, your captured image will mostly contain straight lines with clear contrast. These are the major disadvantages of the JPG format. Unlike the PNG format, JPG will save the screen capture via a compression method. As a result, compression artifacts will be visible on your image, particularly on the high-contrast edges. So, unless you want your screenshot to be less high-definition, just stick to the PNG format.

So, that’s how to change the default screenshot format on Google Pixel 6. Remember that in terms of image quality, PNG will always be better than JPG. However, if you want to save your screenshot in a more compact file and don’t really get bothered by screenshot quality, changing the screenshot format to JPG is a good option.

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