Activating the Option and Taking Screen Record Google Pixel 6

screen record Google Pixel 6

Screen record Google Pixel 6 may not be the thing that everyone knows about it. Yet, it is a feature to find in many Android devices of today. It is similar to the screenshot feature. The difference is that it produces a video instead of a picture. It comes in handy for many purposes. For example, it helps when you want to create a tutorial about anything the device itself can do.

Activating the Button to use this Feature screen recording

Many of the latest Android devices provide a specific button to incorporate this screen recording feature. Of course, Google Pixel 6 is one of the phones with a dedicated button for this thing. Unfortunately, it is not available right away. You need to put the icon to the drop-down menu or quick access panel. How to do it the right way?screen record google pixel 6

1. Check whether the menu is available at the quick access panel or not.

2. Slide down from the top of the screen and enlarge the entries there.

3. If the icon to record the screen is not there, tap the pencil icon on the top right section of the screen.

4. Find the corresponding icon for the screen recording feature below a horizontal line.

5. Hold and drag the icon to the section above the line, and it will appear on the quick access panel.

Recording Activities on the Screen of Google Pixel 6

After that, you will have the icon to activate this handy option of screen record Google Pixel 6. So, it is straightforward to do it whenever necessary. Anyway, how to record the screen instantly?

1. Slide down the quick access panel and find the video camera icon.

2. Tap the icon to start recording the screen of your Google Pixel 6 immediately.

3. Choose the quality of the output when the option screen appears.

4. A notification screen will appear with the options to Cancel and Agree available at the bottom.

5. Tap on Agree to proceed and tick the checkbox so the message will not reappear in the future.

6. A countdown of three seconds will appear before the device starts recording the activities on the screen.

7. To finish the screen recording activity, tap the Stop icon at the top left of the screen.

Optimizing the Video Outputs screen recording

If you want to maximize the videos, you need to choose the highest quality of the video at the beginning. More importantly, it is best to perform this activity in a noise-free area. It is that way because the microphone of the device will record any sound during the screen recording. So, it is best to ensure that the area is quiet before recording anything on the screen.

This handy feature of Android devices is a straightforward thing to do. The icon to perform this feature is already available by default. There is no need to download and install third-party applications for this matter. In many ways, the screen record Google Pixel 6 is a feature you need to know about when you are using the device.

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