How to Activate the Blue Light Filter on the Google Pixel 6

Imagine this scenario. One night, you’re binge-watching YouTube videos on your Google Pixel 6 after you go to bed. But, after several hours, your desire to sleep has almost vanished. Your eyes even begin to sore and your head is dizzy. If this ever happened to you, this might be caused by the blue light radiation. So, without further ado, here’s how to activate Google Pixel 6 blue light filter.

Blue light filters on Google Pixel 6

Almost all smartphones today use an LED screen as a display. This type of display is used because it is lighter and thinner compared to LCD. On top of that, an LED screen offers better images when used to display dark pictures on video. Lastly, an LED screen also consumes less battery power than an LCD. However, the use of LED on smartphones comes with great consequences.

As you know, LEDs are capable of projecting different color spectrums of light, including harmful blue light. According to a 2014 research by Anne-Marie Chang, blue light exposure can prevent your brain from getting proper rest. As a result, you will have a poor sleep schedule. So, the goal to reduce blue light exposure is more important than ever. Here’s how to activate Google Pixel 6 blue light filter.


  1. Activate your Google Pixel phone and go to the Settings.
  2. From the General Settings, go to the Display settings and choose the Night Light option.
  3. If you want to automatically turn this feature on, tap “Turn on automatically“.


  1. You can select between the Custom schedule or the Sunset to sunrise.
  2. The Sunset to sunrise mode will automatically set the Night Light schedule to the time of sunset and sunrise at your location.
  3. The Custom schedule option allows you to set your own Start time and End time.
  4. Under the Status section, enable “On/ Turn off automatically“.

You can also manually activate the Pixel 6’s Night Light via the quick access tray. To do that, just pull down the notification bar and tap on the Night Light icon.

Other blue light feature on the Pixel phone

Besides the Night Light feature, there is another display option that you can use to minimize the blue light exposure on your Pixel 6. The first feature is called the grayscale. Activating this feature will turn your Pixel 6 color into black and white. This feature is accessible via Digital Wellbeing & parental control. To automatically set the feature on, you have to select Bedtime mode and enable the grayscale feature.

The next blue light-reducing feature is the Dark Theme. Activating this feature will make your Pixel 6’ background darker. To manually activate this feature, go to the Display setting on your Pixel 6. From there, tap your desired screen color option. Under the Appearance section, enable the Dark Theme.

So, those are the instructions on how to activate Google Pixel 6 blue light filter. Besides disturbing your sleep schedule, prolonged blue light exposure could also cause some eye-related problems, such as blurry vision, eyestrain, and even cataracts. So, make sure to activate your Pixel 6’s blue light filters to minimize the risk of blue light exposure.

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